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Test Day Information

Make sure you attend on time

> Know the date, time and place of your test and arrive before the scheduled starting time.

> If you arrive late for any of the papers, report to a supervisor or invigilator. You may not be allowed to take the test.

The test registration process will usually begin between 09.00 and 09.15. The test itself will begin at 10.00. Arriving after 09.30 may lead to your exclusion from the test. The test will finish at about 13.15. The speaking test will usually be in the afternoon between 15.00 and 20.00 on the same day. The centre, however, reserves the right to hold the speaking up to 7 days before the written papers date.

Bring what you need

> Take into the test room only the pencils, eraser and sharpener which you need for the examination. (The centre will provide 2 pencils) You may take water in a transparent bottle. You may not bring food into the exam room.

> Correction fluid and highlighters MUST NOT be used.

> Leave anything which you do not need, or is not allowed, as instructed by the supervisor.

> You may not lend anything to, or borrow anything from, another candidate during the test.

> ALL mobile phones and any electronic apparatus must be surrendered to Possessions and must be switched off COMPLETELY.

> If you bring a watch to any part of the test, it must be surrendered to the Possessions staff.

> N.B. The centre takes no responsibility for any items excluded from the test room.

Examination instructions

> Listen to the supervisor and do what you are told to do.

> Tell the supervisor or invigilator at once if you think you have not been given the right question paper, or if the question paper is incomplete or illegible.

> Read carefully and follow the instructions printed on the question paper and on the answer sheet.

> Fill in the details required on the front of your question paper and on your answer sheet.

Your name MUST be exactly as it is written on your ID or passport.

Advice and assistance during the test

> If you are in doubt about what you should do, raise your hand to attract attention. An invigilator will come to your assistance.

> You may not ask for, and will not be given, any explanation of the questions.

> If, on the day of the test, you feel that your work may be affected by ill health or any other reason, you must inform the invigilator at the time.

Leaving the test room

> You may not leave the test room without the permission of a supervisor or invigilator. If you need the lavatory, you may go during the Reading and Writing tests but not in the last 10 minutes. You will need to surrender your passport and will be checked in and out of the room using the fingerprint scanner.

> You cannot leave your seat until all papers have been collected and you have been told you can leave.

> When you leave the examination room you must leave behind the question paper, your answer paper, any paper used for rough work clearly crossed through and any other materials provided for the test.

> Do not make any noise near the examination room.

Rules and regulations

You must:

Provide proof of your identity (i.e. national identity card or passport) at registration and every examination session. Second country nationals must produce a passport. This ID must contain a number, a signature, a date of birth and a photograph. It is the Responsibility of the candidate to prove their identity.

Provide a good quality scan of your ID document or Passport on application.

Only have on your desk pencils, eraser and sharpener.

Ensure mobile phones, pagers and any other electronic equipment are switched off and placed with personal belongings in the area designated by the supervisor. Any candidate who does not switch off their phone/pager or any other electronic equipment, or who retains one in their possession, will be disqualified.

Any candidate found using a mobile phone or other electronic device on any test site on the test day is liable to disqualification.
Any candidate with any such a device in their possession in a test room, whether switched on or not, will be disqualified.

Notify the test invigilator immediately if the test day conditions in any way impede your performance.

You must not:

Attempt to cheat, copy the work of another candidate or disrupt the test.

Use, or attempt to use a dictionary, pager, spell checker, electronic recorder, mobile phone or similar electronic device during the test. Any candidate doing so will be disqualified.

Talk to or disturb other candidates once the the examination has started.

Smoke, eat or drink in the examination room (You may drink water from a clear plastic bottle).

Reproduce any part of the test in any format/medium. Any candidate doing so will have their test results disqualified and be LIABLE TO PROSECUTION .

Remove any materials used during the examination. This includes, but is not limited to, examination papers and working paper.

Disqualification warning:

If you are infringing any of the candidate rules and regulations, your test results will be disqualified and notification of your disqualification will be sent to any receiving institution or professional body to which you have applied.

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